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The Father Andeweg Institute for the deaf provides the following services:
We teach the national curriculum our classes from Nursery till the 9th grade, languages English and Arabic.
Appropriate education is provided and with cochlear implant, powerful hearing aids and FM system, combined with educational techniques developed at FAID, are making it possible for more children to learn to listen, talk and achieve literacy so they can succeed in their life.
We offer a language-rich assessment-based educational program individualized to help every child achieve success.
Speech Therapy:
Speech-language pathologists work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat articulation, speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, voice and respiration disorders and auditory training.
Social worker:
Protect vulnerable children and help their families, who are in need of assistance and services. Our social worker intervenes when children are in danger or neglected or abused and help the families to solve their problems.
Psychological support:
To our students and their families
Extra services provided to our students:
Food, clothes, hearing aids, ear mold, batteries for their hearing aids and cochlear implant, medical services (medications…), transportation for our most needy students (Lebanese and Syrians) all these mentioned services are for free.
Boarding section includes:
Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, tutoring and activities as well as heating is provided all the time during winter.
Cost per child per month: 700$
Outreach program:
Audiogram test 
Ear mold for hearing aids 
Providing hearing aids for elderly people with hearing loss 
Providing Syrians refuges with free hearings aids 
Speech therapy assessment  
Psychological consultation 
These mentioned services for the outreach are as well for free